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You can use our website to download the latest version of the Framaroot 1.9.3 APK, which will allow you to root any device at the tap of a button.

Version: 1.9.3



framaroot app

What’s new in this version?

  • General bug fixes and compatibility issues fixed
  • Support added for more devices
  • The visual bug that occured while using certain Samsung devices no longer appears.

Rooting is a technique many of you might be familiar with, we’re talking strictly to our Android brothers here, sorry iOS users!

Well rooting is basically the best way to unlock your phones complete potential using simple steps.

Well they’re all well and simple until you try them yourself and fail and then end up with a bricked device. Which is why novices are told to strictly stay away from rooting at all costs, cause the risk is too high.

Which is where an App like Framaroot comes in.

What is Framaroot

Framaroot is a simple and easy to use rooting App that helps you, not only root, but also execute scripts and unroot your device. ALL AUTOMATICALLY. Yes you read that right. Everything this App does is automated, which significantly reduces the chances of you ending up with a bricked device.

Like said earlier, rooting is a pretty advanced technique and can only be archived in two ways:

  • Either by manually installing a custom recovery and then flashing SuperSU or any other root management App.
  • Or by using an App that automates the entire process, leaving you with the task of pressing a single button and watching the magic unfold.


How to use Framaroot App

Once you’re done downloading the Framaroot APK, and installing it you can proceed to root your phone with just the tap of a button. Wanna know how? Follow the instructions below and you should be going in no time:

  1. Once you open up the App hit the “Root” button and wait for the next screen to pop up
  2. On the next screen the Framaroot App is trying to look for exploits available on the internet for your specific device and build number. This has a higher success rate if your Android Version is between 1.5 to 4.4, of course with the newer versions and newer security patches it becomes harder for people to find exploits that automatically root your device.
  3. If the screen that pops up displays something like
  • Exploit Successful- It means that your device is ready to be rooted because the Framaroot App could find exploits for your phone.
  • Your device isn’t vulnerable to exploits- You’ll have to revert to a more conventional method of rooting using your PC, because your phone is running a high Android version for which the App can’t find exploits.

Testimonials for Framaroot

“Framaroot is one of the easiest and convenient root tool available currently!” – Shivom Thakkar, Android expert


“It is one of the easiest  and smoothest rooting experiences I’ve been through. And I know ADB commands like the back of my hand.” – Chris Blackwell,serial coder.


“I was always a fan of the traditional ADB method for rooting, but ever since I’ve found out how easy it is to use a rooting App like Framaroot, all I’ve done is suggest the same to my customers” – Mayank Agarwal,mobile repair shop owner.


Framaroot is one of the simplest rooting Apps available on the market right now and it’s speed and ease of use make it the favourite of many user over the like of Flashify and King Root.

The App is available for free download on our website right now.

Get rooting today!